Bank in 2012 Maggie & I rented this house, The Louis Penfield House, to celebrate our anniversary. The house is located in Willoughby Hills, Ohio up near Cleveland. The centered feeling you get in a Wright house is difficult to describe. It’s like everything just feels right. I got the same feeling when I toured Falling Water. When Maggie & I moved to Asheville I wanted very much to build our own custom home. I had been studying Wright’s Usonian architecture and wanted to apply what I had learned. Turns out custom homes, even small ones come with a hefty price tag attached. Maybe once the kids are all out of the house and Maggie & I are ready to downside I’ll get my chance. The Penfield House is still open to guests, here’s the link if you’d like to make the place your home for the weekend:

The Louis Penfield House