Hello, I’m Landon. I’ve been interested in photography since I was a kid. I can remember one weekend my parents brought home some Ansel Adams prints and I thought they were the greatest thing I had ever seen. I think my love of art, in general, started around the same time.

My patents had this old Minolta X-370 SLR tucked away in the closet that I started messing around with. Since I was creating art I couldn’t be bothered with the auto settings of the camera. I went straight for setting the aperture and shutter speeds myself. I’m sure it’s not surprising that none of those first couple of rolls of film turned out.

At some point I took a photography class in high school and once I learned about light meters and exposures my photographs started to turn out. I went to college, studied photography and ended up working for a photographer. Not too far into my photography career the economy crashed and I found myself working at a coffee shop. I ended up back in college and now work in healthcare.

TiltYourHead is just a place for me to share with my family & friends what I’ve been up to. Some posts will be about what we’ve been getting into as a family, while others will just be photography related.